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    Wattsson's purpose for music has been forged from the start. Training in the classics as a singer & violinist combined with her nomadic travelling experiences during her youth, provided the roots for her far-reaching flavours, which ignited the fire that initially began as a mere spark, to become a DJ.

    Because of her life-long obsession with music it’s not easy to summarise her sound but here goes: Deep melodic techno and chugging synthy house infused into a mystical story, wattsson’s is a sound that pushes boundaries, earning her a spot on festival line-ups across New Zealand.

    International sound waves have called, and wattsson is now on the collaborative music-making pilgrimage worldwide. Spending her time between Ibiza and Mexico, always with a soft spot for her beloved New Zealand's festival season, wattsson is on a mission to follow her calling to always create feel-good vibes wherever her intuition takes her.

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