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    Tali is an award winning freestyle MC, songwriter, Producer, Composer and music mentor. She is known internationally for her groundbreaking achievements in the electronic music scene, most notably within Drum & Bass as a vocalist and freestyle MC. 


    She has performed alongside and recorded with artists such as Pola & Bryson, Born On Road, Wilkinson, DRS, Harriet Jaxxon, Degs, GLXY and DJ Marky to name just a few. 

    However, Tali's love of Electronic music has seen her work with a variety of producers and DJs across many genres, from Techno and House to Downtempo and 140.


    Tali is sought after for her conscious, positive lyrics, soaring soulful voice and ability to connect with her audience, from huge festival crowds to small intimate club shows - performing across the world from Asia and Azerbaijan, to America, from Eastern Europe, Europe and the UK to Australia. She also consistently performs at all major festivals here in Aotearoa.


    Tali has released 8 studio albums, her LP 'Love & MIgration' earning her 'Best Electronic Artist' at the New Zealand Music Awards in 2019, and her most recent release - her self produced album 'Future Dwellers' was nominated for the same award last year in 2022.


    This summer of 2023, Tali will be touring the UK and Europe playing 11 shows across seven cities alongside DnB Vocalist and DJ, Elipsa. 

    Tali is represented by Twice The Hype agency here in Aotearoa, and MBArtists in the EU/UK.

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