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    House / Techno


    SYRUP combines the musical stylings of two of New Zealand's beloved house music selectors, TETO & SAMMIE.
    TETO & SAMMIE discovered their shared love for deep baselines and silky smooth vocals in 2019 and with that, SYRUP was born.
    After only a few short months as a duo, SYRUP was invited to perform at some of New Zealand’s top festivals including Hidden Valley and Rhythm & Vines.
    SYRUP loves to push the boundaries of the traditional ‘party set’, by including shocking elements such as 140bpm industrial techno, blended with music from the 2000s that no one asked for - alas that is the beauty of SYRUP.
    A few years on SYRUP have made their mark on the NZ dance music scene, having gained a reputation for their dynamic and sometimes shock-worthy sets.

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