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  • Sharkra




    Bass, Bass House / Bassline, Dubstep, EDM, Glitch Hop, House, Progessive, Psytrance, Tech House, Techno, Trance, Trap


    Miss Eclectic SHARKRA, a passionate and talented DJ, embarked on her journey driven by a quest for peace through music. Breaking free from genre constraints, she honed her skills and made a powerful debut at Ignition Festival 2019.


    Her success as a DJ quickly grew, allowing her to play at some of Aotearoa's top festivals, including Splore, AUM, Dimension, and Shipwrecked. Her influence extended beyond New Zealand, as she also graced events in countries like Australia, Vietnam, Thailand, and South America.


    Joining DoubSquare Records in late 2022 and Ovnimoon Records in early 2023, Sharkra's artistry evolved, leading to a Compilation album release. Beyond her musical achievements, she treasures the connections made during her travels. Each encounter serves as a life lesson, teaching her more about the industry and how like-minded individuals express their artistry.


    Sharkra's impact is in her genre-defying sets that influence perspectives and captivate crowds. Her powerful and eclectic sound has helped shape Aotearoa's electronica golden era. With her soul pouring through the speakers, she converts non-believers on the dance floor, inspiring music lovers worldwide through her unwavering dedication to her craft.

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