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    House, Disco, Tech House


    RAINE was born from a galaxy far away, bringing with her an eclectic blend of phat tunes, long lost belters and guilty pleasures. Lover of all funk flavours with an underlay of House, she'll bring you an encyclopedic blend of genres and decades. With a deep-rooted passion for soulful and  infectious electronic music coursing through her veins, Raine thrives on the euphoria of the dancefloor, where she effortlessly channels her love for creating vibrant, high-energy atmospheres. Her sets are a kaleidoscope of rhythms and melodic layers. As a dedicated purveyor of good vibes, her selections are intended to ignite a communal experience, bringing people together through the universal language of sound. Inspired by timeless genres, she invites listeners on a journey, where each track serves as a cherished reminder of the present as well as moments past. No matter your style, she'll lay down the groove and get even the most stubborn ass to move.

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