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Pixie Lane
  • Pixie Lane



    Pixie Lane is a prominent DJ and producer making waves in the New Zealand House Music scene. Known for her electrifying performances and innovative style, she has garnered a dedicated following.


    Pixie Lane's signature sound seamlessly blends deep and tech house with funky grooves, electro beats, and bass elements, creating a captivating sonic experience.


    Her carefully curated sets have graced renowned clubs and festivals like Rhythm & Vines, Hidden Valley, Mardi Gras, and Bay Dreams, solidifying her position as a standout performer.


    With a residency on George FM, Pixie Lane continues to captivate audiences with her infectious energy and dynamic stage presence.


    Her foray into music production further showcases her creative vision, as seen in her debut single "Frequency," a collaboration with longtime friend Kazi Flip. Pushing boundaries and exploring new sonic territories, Pixie Lane is leaving an indelible mark on the industry as she carves her unique path in the world of house music.

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