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Peach Milk
  • Peach Milk



    Peach Milk is a project that continues to shift and transcend labels or mediums. 


    Beginning as a live act in 2016, Madison Eve aka Peach Milk’s focus lay in creating an immersive space driven through and within her ethereal dance mixes; living in a realm where genre doesn’t prove constraint. Still keeping that same sentiment, after a string of live hardware shows played throughout New Zealand, the project has shifted in concentration toward fine-tuned production and DJing. With 2020 bringing her latest kaleidoscope of sounds in a bite-sized 3-track collection, ‘Wonk EP’, Madi describes the EP as "a small selection of wonky shit made between 2018-2019". Fused together as an adhesive compilation through their shared awry nature, the theme stays consistent with her mantra as a DJ: letting no musical classification define her. 


    Peach Milk brings a broad range of influence to the decks in her live sets, with anything from House, Breaks, to super driving Techno, Jungle, to UKG.

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