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MC Jewels
  • MC Jewels



    This Indonesian vocalist began her music career as a singer-song writer, but after spending 3 years in London Jewels fell completely in love with the club scene and as a result, has focused her energy on singing and MCing over a DJ set. You may know her from the duo act 'Shared Soul', where Jewels sings alongside producer and partner in rhyme Flex Webster.


    Jewels has worked on musical projects with many local legends such as Tali, K+Lab, Ultraviolet, and Paige Julia. She has also been invited to perform at major festivals such as Splore (2015), Bass Camp (2022), Twisted Frequency (2022), Shipwrecked (2023), and R&A (2022).


    Jewels is a multi-talented creative and you can expect anything from soulful vocals, to spoken word, to rap.. all sprinkled with a healthy dose of diva energy! This is an artist you dont want to miss!

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