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  • Mantis




    Drum and Bass / Dubstep 


    Getting fresh into mixing in 2018, Mantis quickly became established in the drum and bass scene through supporting and playing alongside some of the biggest drum and bass names such as State of Mind, The Upbeats, Black Sun Empire, Kasra, Alix Perez, Monrroe, Document One, Pendulum, Monty and Visages to name a few.

    Mantis has been a finalist in the Rumble in the Jungle competition, as well as being involved in many different events and festivals across New Zealand such as Northern Bass, Bay Dreams, Mardi Gras, Rolling Meadows and many more.

    She developed her skills and style while becoming known for her unique deep, dark, and grimy sets. 

    With a passion for the deeper, darker side of drum and bass and beginning to incorporate her own produced tunes into her sets, you are guaranteed to hear unique style and sound throughout each of her sets.

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