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  • Levi



    A dnb DJ from Wellington, Originally learning to mix in 2016 - Levi finally decided after years of practice to play her first set out in 2020. Her original goal was to play 3 gigs that year, but with the global pandemic and NZ closing up the boarders, she rose to prominence building up a following playing local gigs all over NZ.


    With borders now back open, Levi is a regular on international and festival line ups across the country and definitely not one to miss. She has played support for acts such as Kanine, Document one, Pendulum, Camo and krooked and the Prototypes with other notable acts she's supported such as A.M.C, Dimension, DnB All stars and Born on the Road.


    Levi is known for her unique selection with everything from rollers, jump up, foghorns and neurofunk - with her signature style of a mixture of blending and cutting multiple sub genres to create an audio journey for the audience.

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