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  • Keighto




    Breaks / Dubstep / Grime / Jungle / UKG 


    Keighto (pronounced Kato) has been shaking the walls in Auckland’s underground music clubs frequently in the last 2 years, including GHF & Bahvu’s Nightside being her first gig since the Covid lockdowns back in April 2022.

    Her passion for multi-genre sets blossomed just after she started mixing in 2017, beginning with DNB, Kate soon discovered a love for Bassline, UK Garage, and Bass house.
    With a committed passion for curating varied genres and unpredictable transitions, Kate continually captivates the crowd with sonic electro twists and turns as well as navigates the profound depths of bass music igniting a collective euphoria.

    Drawing inspiration from esteemed artists like, Chloe Robinson (formerly known as Barely Legal), Dj Rum, Addison Groove, Pearson Sound, Ben UFO, Four Tet and Flava D. Kate has cultivated a refined palette for blending the vibrant genres of UKG, Breakbeat, Techno, Bassline, Electro, Dubstep and Jungle. These figures, amongst her talented best friends, have shaped her distinctive and eclectic approach to mixing.

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