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Judy Free
  • Judy Free




    Breaks, Disco, Downtempo, Dubstep, Electro, Garage/UKG, House, Tech House, Techno


    Starting her career in Christchurch under the DJ name Bamzel (now Judy Free) with a UKG residency at Double Happy, Judy Free went on to living and playing across many different genres of music from hip hop to dubstep to footwork to drum and bass to house between 2008 - 2019.


    Now residing in Berlin since mid-2019, Judy Free is actively back visiting New Zealand once a year where she is available to DJ in either Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, or Queenstown. Since living in Europe she has been playing at clubs, bars, and festivals across Germany, France, and Sweden.


    Very versatile in either uptempo or downtempo styles with the ability to build up long sets alone or with a b2b partner in crime, Judy Free can offer vinyl only (or predominately vinyl sets) and her happy place genre-wise these days can be described as a mix of intergalactic electro, disco, trance fueled deep/tech house.


    She also enjoys playing balearic downtempo sets comprised of 90’s hip hop, dub, trip-hop, acid, and future jazz. During her time in New Zealand, she played support for well-known international acts such as Loefah (DMZ), Freq Nasty (Botchit & Scarper), The Jillionaire (Major Lazor) and Doctor P (Circus Records). She also had the pleasure of playing for well known festivals Taniwha’s Den and 121’s Carlucci Land.


    She co-hosts a monthly show on Mouthfull radio called the Frequent Flyers Club where Foxloe and her invite EU-based collectives to discuss all things music to a southern hemisphere audience.


    Judy Free will be in NZ this summer between December 2023 - February 2024 and is available for bookings!

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