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Breaks / Disco / Drum and Bass / Garage / House / Jungle


Also known as Justine De Guzman, a Philippines-born, Tauranga & Dunedin-based DJ that is quickly becoming hot property with a club residency, having a number of international support shows and playing at Aotearoa's finest festivals including Rolling Meadows, Baseline and Rhythm & Vines.


Jousey displays a technical skillset and selection prowess well beyond her years. Her unique signature sets are heavily influenced by her Filipino cultural perspective, creating a diverse style of high-energy uptempo beats but also knows how to get in the groove of euphoric deep sounds. Her flexibility of style delivers an unconventional experience that encapsulates the atmosphere,
perhaps in part due to her musical experiences outside of the DJing sphere. 


From growing up in a household filled with funk, disco and soul, to moving to New Zealand, Jouseys sound has been shaped by both her culture and her musical experiences. As a multi-instrumentalists from a young age, it was only natural for her to be drawn to the ebbs and flows of electronic music. Her sound incorporates a blend of rhythmic elements, along with unique bass lines and catchy beats, making her a perfect fit for crowd control.

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