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    A passionate female artist with a deep love for bass music.


    HENRI has become known across a variety of open format sets since the beginning of her career as a resident DJ at The Back Bar of Hamilton, NZ, in 2021. Including but not limited to sets of seamless blends of deep house, tech house, 140, DnB, and dubstep.


    Sharing the stage with legendary acts such as Danny Byrd, Ray Volpe, Skantia, Goddard, Sippy, Emwa and BadKlaat - HENRI is excited to see where her sets takes her as the future unfolds. 


    The aim, to generate a unique sound for every performance through pulsating beats, infectious rhythms, and immersive soundscapes, painting a picture with her own style and techniques as she goes. This, alongside connecting with audiences through powerful and different combinations of music, further encourages HENRI's passion and creativity to shine through more and more as she continues to grow within the industry.

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