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Erin G
  • Erin G



    Erin G is a 22-year-old independent singer/songwriter based in Auckland, New Zealand. Stemming from a multi-instrumental background, Erin G isn’t defined by one particular sound or movement. She creates her own cultivation of genre-bending tracks. Delving into many different music words such as Indie and Drum and bass, she is paving her way through them with great success. 


    Since debuting into the electronic scene with “Won’t Dance”, Erin has collaborated with electronic artists all over New Zealand - with many releases set to come. Most recently, “Show Me the Way” with trap artist Emwa featuring on an Apple playlist and many radio plays on George FM.


    Alongside her electronic journey, Erin is a bidding indie artist continuing to collaborate with Auckland council on many music projects, the latest being “Ka Mua Ka Muri”. Erin G’s versatile vocals and lyricism is establishing herself as a force to be reckoned with. 


    With a massive lineup of collaborations with New Zealand’s rising artists in 2023 and a new era coming… it’s looking to be a huge year for Erin!

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