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    Emma Dilemma defies categorization. This self-proclaimed 'patron saint of self-sabotage' weaves her unique perspective on life into music that's as playful as it is profound. Emma's art is a blend of absurdity, melody, and storytelling, crafting music that is both sincere and delightfully lighthearted.


    Her musical journey is a tale of embracing irreverent self-acceptance and reclaiming ownership of her image. “I used to try and define myself by my dreams or what I wanted to be, but now I realise a large strength of mine is that I can do anything I put my mind to," she shares. Drawing inspiration from 90s grunge, bubblegum pop, hip hop, and a dash of dance, Emma creates music that resonates with her own heart, and it's an added bonus that her fans enthusiastically come along for the ride.


    Emma Dilemma is driven by her love for storytelling. Having performed as a dancer since the age of 5 and as a live musician since 15, she thrives on connecting with her audience and sharing the narratives that shape her music. Whether it's a laugh, a cry, or a dance, her performances are a vibrant tapestry of emotions.


    In 2021, Emma released six songs and accompanying music videos, culminating in an EP called 'SPIT: SIDE A.' She continued this creative streak in the first half of 2022, sharing three more songs and videos. As the pandemic restrictions eased in New Zealand, Emma was finally able to unveil her debut album, 'SPIT,' on July 1, 2022. The album made a splash, debuting at #3 on the New Zealand Official Album Charts and earning critical acclaim and adoration from her fans. "...her song titles alone provide evidence of why We Should Give A Shit about Emma Dilemma. Like her, they don’t beat around the bush, witness tracks like Cooperate, Idiot, and I Want It. With the diversity of genres she embraces, it can be hard to decide on a personal favorite; they are songs for diverse moments of heightened emotion." - NZ Musician Magazine But don't be fooled by her rebellious spirit and love for absurdity. Emma Dilemma's art reaches far beyond conventional boundaries. She's a complex enigma who embodies the duality of a functional member of society one day and a menace to all the next. Her stable middle-class upbringing meets an adult world of free will, choices and temptations, creating a dichotomy that fuels her creativity.


    In a modern world where traditional music-making rules no longer apply, Emma Dilemma stands as a beacon of artistic freedom. She defies limits, merging music, art, comedy, social activism, and politics into an inseparable whole. Her driving force is a quest for like-minded individuals who share her perspective on life. Together, they revel in the absurdity of existence on this planet.


    With a vibe that oozes the essence of cans of VB and stale cigarettes in a disco club, Emma Dilemma's sound has been aptly described as having "angst [that] hasn't sounded this believable since the Beastie Boys" by Happy Magazine. Her debut single, 'We Should Give A Shit,' was a testament to her overarching message: "LOOK AT HOW F***ING ABSURD EXISTING IS!?!?!" As Emma Dilemma stepped into her second era at the close of 2023 with the release of song 'Bed All Day,' fans and critics alike expected her to continue challenging the norms of music and society. She did not disappoint! In March 2024, Emma announced that she was teaming up with classic kiwi rock band, Tadpole, for their first shows in over 20 years. While original vocalist Renee Brennan was not interested in reforming for a tour, her endorsement of newcomer Emma Dilemma as her successor after hearing her sing speaks volumes about Emma's talent. With Renee's blessing, Emma will take over vocal duties for the May/June 2024 tour, promising an electrifying performance that stays true to Tadpole's iconic sound. Emma explains, “I couldn't believe it when I got the call; being asked to join a rock band that I admired since they played live at my high school is something I didn't ever consider would even be in the cards for me. I'm beyond honoured to take Renee's reins and breathe life back into these classic kiwi rock tunes out on the road this winter!” "I’m really excited for people to experience Tadpole songs live and loud once again!" says guitarist Chris Yong. "With Emma on board, the Tadpole spirit is strong and this tour is something you won’t want to miss." Not one to take breaks, Emma is not letting her work with Tadpole interrupt her personal plans.


    With the second music offering in 2024 of ‘Ready or Not,’ Emma shows she is still not without fear of following her dreams - but chooses to do it anyway, Emma Dilemma remains a beacon for those who refuse to be confined by conventions, an artist who invites you to see the world through her unique lens and embrace the absurdity of it all.

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