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    Christchurch DJ / Producer Emilie is vastly proving a force to be reckoned with in the UKG scene Christchurch and beyond, with no slowing down in sight. 


    With the success of her debut garage single ‘Generations’ , a Speed garage/ bassline based track. To date the track has play listed and featured on the well known radio station George FM, charted top 4 with NZ offical music hottest hits charts and a Shazam tender, its exciting to see what is to come from Emilie.


    In the short time as an artist she’s already had the opportunity to play at two festivals and support some amazing artists to name a few favourites; Effy, Main Phase, Interplanetary Criminal and Loods. 


    2023 and beyond you’ll be seeing lot more of Emilie as she rises to the top.

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