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  • Dolittle




    Open Format 


    Dolittle is an open-format turntablist from Kent, England. She happily resides (as happily as an English person can reside) in New Zealand, where she regularly rocks the dance-floors of venues in Queenstown.


    Her ferocious skills, eclectic blend of genres and ability to read crowds make her a short but powerful force to be reckoned with.


    Supported artists/other accolades: DJ Yella, The Nextmen, Vadim, Che Fu & King Kapisi (Hedlok), Oddisee & Good Compny, Children of Zeus, Mr Thing, DJ Spell, Black Sun Empire, Hilltop Hoods, Ladi6, DJ Kentaro, JFB, Pdiggs, Bliss n Esso, Raiza Biza, Team Dynamite, Sola Rosa, Latinaotearoa, Channel One Soundsystem,  Splore Crystal Palace Stage 2021

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