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Belu Colombo
  • Belu Colombo






    A skilled purveyor of both hauntingly somber tunes and feverish, high- energy beats, she is a true master of the art of dance floor storytelling. While she had always harbored an affinity for electronic music, it wasn't until she discovered luminaries like Charlotte de Witte, Richie Hawtin, and Alignment that she felt the call to become a DJ and producer herself.


    Music quickly evolved into her ultimate passion, her source of solace, and her raison d'être.
    Despite her relatively brief tenure in the industry, she has already made significant strides, earning international acclaim from major labels such as Autektone (T78), Renesanz (Blathazar & JackRock), and Digital DRS (David Temessi). Alongside these accomplishments, she has also shared the stage with heavyweights of the industry, including Popof, Space 92, Nusha, Metodi Hristov, Julien Jeweil, Juliet Fox, Will Clarke, and Gorge. Furthermore, she attained a notable milestone as a producer when AMELIE LENS played her track "Moments of Beginning" on Tomorrowland's main stage 2023. Her latest release "Eternal" has landed her a spot in the top 100 Beatport, where it has reached an impressive global ranking of 6. Additionally, her EP "Warcry" has also made its mark by securing the 14th position in Techno Peak Time/Driving Billboard ranking.

    It appears that Belu has a bright future ahead in her career.

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