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  • Amandamania



    Introducing Amandamania, a renowned artist, DJ, festival curator, and co-founder of Splore. With a career that spans over 30 years, Amanda has left an indelible mark on the festival and music scene.

    Originally inspired by the vibrant beach parties and international travel scene of Goa, Amanda's DJing journey began there. She soon found herself immersed in the European festival scene, gaining invaluable experience and expanding her musical horizons. In 1998, she returned to New Zealand and co-founded Splore, a groundbreaking festival that continues to captivate audiences to this day.

    While dedicating herself to the development of Splore and other creative endeavours, Amanda temporarily stepped away from DJing. However, her passion for the art form beckoned her back to the decks in 2014. Armed with a unique blend of styles and grooves, she unleashed her infectious energy onto dance floors again and placed herself back in the realm of festivals and parties.

    Amandamania's performances have graced renowned events such as Brazen, Splore, Rhythm and Alps, AUM, Shipwrecked, Relish, Paradise City, Winterbest, Silent Studios, Morning People, The Undie Party, Laundry Bar, Cuba Dupa, Phat House Brewery, LalaLand,  Neck of the Woods, as well as countless bespoke house parties. Her ability to seamlessly blend genres ranging from disco to techno, breaks to electro, and everything in between guarantees an unforgettable sonic journey.

    As a DJ in her mid-50s, Amanda shows no signs of slowing down. Her unwavering passion and dedication serve as an inspiration to other women DJs embarking on their own careers. With her vibrant stage presence and an unrivalled connection to the music, Amandamania continues to push boundaries, create memorable experiences, and leave an enduring impact on the hearts and souls of her audience.

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