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Our Mission


The New Mood is an electronic music database of wāhine, and gender minority DJ’s, MC’s & vocalists in Aotearoa. Our goal is to improve diversity and equality in the dance community by bringing together promoters, artists, and others who share our mission.

This community started out as local spreadsheets of artists and grew over time, eventually leading to the creation of this site. We want to create a platform for voices that often don't get heard in the dance music industry, especially those from marginalized communities.

The New Mood has taken inspiration from our Australian friends, the WIP Project - An incredible database of Australasian female, non-binary & gender non-conforming dance music up and comers, and industry professionals. A big thank you Sarah, Floss and their team for leading this change and paving the way for spaces like this.

Join us in championing diversity and inclusivity in dance music!

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